Ferrari-Nunes, Rodrigo (2014) SFF Yell (note 94)
The Quinntet, performing a Bossa Nova set at the 2014 Shetland Folk Festival, at Mid Yell Hall, Yell, Shetland. With Lewis Murray (drums), Joe Watt (bass), Norman Willmore (keyboards), Helen Tait (sax), Jim Quinn (vocals), Lisa Johnson (vocals), and Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes (guitar).

This website is a companion to my Social Anthropology PhD project at the University of Aberdeen. It provides audiovisual support for my ethnography and serves as a resource for locals interested in Shetland life and history, and for others who value ethnographically grounded anthropology,.

From October 2012 until October 2014,  I lived in Shetland, northern Scotland, and became involved with its vibrant music scene and characters, as an ethnographer, musician, videographer, and friend. My ethnographic fieldwork focused on the social aspects of Shetland’s contemporary music scene and its creative permutations.

Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes, Ph.D.