Tushkar and Marie Pottinger’s Reel (Ronnie Cooper)

This is a version of two Shetland reels by Ronnie Cooper that I made with Louise Teunissen to get into gear for making a documentary about my fieldwork in Shetland. I was already working on the first chapter, when I realized the need for an original sound track. It would also be great fun to try to put something together that would bridge, musically, Shetland melodies with Brazilian rhythms and solos. We played through Ronnie Cooper’s tune collection, that we purchased at High Level Music and ended up choosing these two melodies first. The video runs through my ethnographic archive, and raises a number of questions that I will address in the following episodes. We will continue going through local melodies and transforming them through different interpretations and arrangements, an action that is in tune with the arguments I made in my Ph.D. thesis.

I plan to cover my entire multimedia database with multidimensional context, and to go through the interviews with a fine comb, comparatively, in order to make my points clear and to translate some of the more complex points from my thesis into plain language. There is also a Facebook version of this video, and there will be soon a page for the documentary project. Thank you for your interest and time. This project is a self-funded initiative made for the Shetland community, for the sake of promoting anthropological knowledge, and without commercial interests or institutional funding. This would not be possible without my work as partner, editor, and designer for The Secret of Music with Sandro Haick, since August 2016. The musical playing cards we invented, the first of its kind, and the whole package of materials (over 10 hours of content), can be found at: http://www.thesecretofmusic.com. Guitar Player, Bass Player, and Modern Drummer magazines are our promotional sponsors in the release of the Secret of Music Playing Cards project. We started with a workshop and a book, and ended up with a card game and computer applications, a story that I will also tell in future videos.