Fetlar Spree #4: Beeswing Hornpipe + Mam and Dad’s Reel

Mary Rutherford, fiddle.
Kris Drever, guitar.
Hayden Michael Zappa Hook, bass.

Performed at the Fetlar Hall, July 19th 2014.
For the Love of Folk presents: North Atlantic Sessions.
Organised by Maurice Henderson, Lois Nicol and Lewie Peterson.
Live Audio by Jonathan Ritch.

Filmed and Recorded in the Isle of Fetlar, Shetland, UK, July 19th-20th, 2014 by Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes. Audio postproduction by Stevie Hook at WobblyGang. Video postproduction by Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes, November 2015.

Audiovisual Supplement to
Ferrari-Nunes, Rodrigo
(2016) Spree: Shetland’s Epistemological Tradition of Music Making. PhD Dissertation in Social Anthropology. Aberdeen, UK: University of Aberdeen. Online, http://www.shetlandspree.com