Fetlar Spree #2: Jerusalem’s Ridge

Peter Gear, fiddle.
Ewen Thomson, fiddle.
Maurice Henderson, fiddle.
Jonny Polson, guitar.
Kris Drever, guitar.
Bryan Peterson, bass.
Lewie Peterson, banjo.

Performed at the Fetlar Hall, July 19th 2014. (read the local REVIEW)

For the Love of Folk presents: North Atlantic Sessions.
Organized by Maurice Henderson, Lois Nicol and Lewie Peterson.
Live Audio by Jonathan Ritch.

Filmed and Recorded in the Isle of Fetlar (and Yell),
Shetland, UK, July 19th-20th, 2014 by Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes.
Audiovisual postproduction by Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes, November 2015.

Audiovisual Supplement to
Ferrari-Nunes, Rodrigo
(2016) Spree: Shetland’s Epistemological Tradition of Music Making. PhD Dissertation in Social Anthropology. Aberdeen, UK: University of Aberdeen. Online, http://www.shetlandspree.com