Fetlar Spree #1: Ewen and Peter

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The ‘Fetlar spree’ took place on July 19th and 20th, 2014. The event, ‘For the Love of Folk Presents: North Atlantic Sessions’ was organized by Maurice Henderson, Lois Nicol and Lewie Peterson. My audiovisual recordings start at 9:34 am on July 19th and end at 5:14 am on July 20th. The spree continued, and the most experienced spreers stayed up all night. They continued the next day, went back to The Lounge in Lerwick for more tunes, and eventually were invited aboard a Norwegian sailboat, where they played until the next morning.

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This tune, by Peter Gear (fiddle) and Ewen Thomson (acoustic guitar), was a small part of their performance set, which also included collaborations with other musicians. The other video selections range from the morning at the Isle of Yell and the crossing by ferry to Fetlar, to early in the morning at the back of the Fetlar Hall, where the spree took place.  Other musicians also appear in the video, including Norman Willmore, Gemma Graham, Kris Drever, Maurice Henderson, Max Tyler, Chloe Robertson, Martha Thomson, Hayden Hook, Jonathan Ritch, Alice Mullay, Patrick Mainland, Lois Nicol, Lewie Peterson, Lisa Fullerton, Alison Kay, Bryan Peterson and Jonny Polson.